Installing zeroSSL certificate

Username epiz_ 30117339

Error Message: No SSL certificate was found

The instructions which infinityFree give and those which zeroSSL give do not entirely mesh.

This screenshot shows the current situation on infinityFree

This screenshot shows the situation at zeroSSL

I’ve already downloaded the zip file from zeroSSL. What should I do now?

The images in this post are wrong and I don’t know how to delete it and do it properly.

You can just add new images in a new post. ZeroSSL has been having some issues lately, so try using GoGetSSL or LetsEncript.

Okay. Hopefully these are the right images.

You don’t need to get anything from as far as I know…

Try using GoGetSSL

The first thing you should understand is that you need to get an SSL certificate, and install it on your hosting account.

You can get the SSL certificate from any provider you want. We provide a Free SSL Certificates tool you can use (and we highly recommend), but you can also get certificates from a third party site, like ZeroSSL.

If you choose to get a certificate from a third party provider, you don’t need to touch our Free SSL Certificates tool. So if you want to get a ZeroSSL certificate from ZeroSSL directly, you can discard everything you’ve been doing with the self signed certificate.

When you have the SSL certificate, you need to install it on your domain name. This is done through the Control Panel of the hosting account hosting the domain. So from the client area, go to Accounts, click Manage next to the account hosting the domain and then go to Control Panel. In there, you’ll find the SSL/TLS section where you can install the certificate.

You’re right that the instructions “don’t mesh”. So far, you have:

  • Created two SSL certificates from ZeroSSL, one through us and one through ZeroSSL directly.
  • Attempted to create a self signed SSL certificate with your hosting account’s main domain, which is not an actual website domain.

The misunderstanding is that the Free SSL Certificate tool is used to install SSL certificates. It’s not. It’s used for getting SSL certificates. Think of it as an alternative interface to ZeroSSL.

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I confess I’m new to all this. The following is not to complain, but to inform you of the sort of problems and inexperienced user like me can encounter.

After doing a bit of research into free SSL certificates, I opted to go with zeroSSL. However when I went to the free SSL certificates tool, there were only two options I could see; zeroSSL was not one of them. That is why I applied to zeroSSL directly. Later on, when I went back to the free SSL certificates to the option for zeroSSL was there. I don’t understand this.

“So far you have… * Attempted to create a self signed SSL certificate with your hosting account’s main domain, which is not an actual website domain.”

I don’t understand this at all.

When your account is created, a “main domain” is automatically generated for it. These main domains are a subdomain of eight random characters, followed by an InfinityFree domain. An example main domain looks like “ ”.

This “main domain” will always redirect to . For all intents and purposes, the “main domain” is just an internal identifier used by the InfinityFree platform. Your main domain does always point to the IP address of your website (which makes it useful if you want to setup your own DNS servers). But our servers are not configured to show any website on that domain.


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