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I am using as my subdomain for files, and I realised that if you put anything before it (example: it takes me to a strange page and I don’t know what it is. Can someone explain please? Thanks.

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Our nameservers are configured by default so that every unknown (sub)domain is sent to a domain parking service. The domain parking service is serving that “strange page” you see.

It’s set on all domains by default and cannot be turned off.

What’s the purpose of it? It seems to be promoting random stuff as far as I can see.

I would like to add on another question:

Is there a way to remove the ads, or redirect all unknown/un-set sub-domains to a specific page (Such as the 404 one on the main domain for the account)?

Yes, in cPanel go to “Error pages” at the bottom. There you can specify the URL for your error pages.

You can also create a file called “index.html” and add this code to the file to create a HTML redirect:

For example, when you go to, what’s actually happening is the index.html file I uploaded is automatically being opened. Then a HTML redirect is triggered which results in you seeing my website homepage ( I also uploaded the same file in every folder I have.

This also prevents people from snooping around your files as the HTML redirect file opens before the other files are listed.

CAUTION: Be careful when doing this. I’ve heard that cPanel sometimes ban accounts for creating HTML redirects. They mistake it as “spam” or “phishing”. If your account does happen to get banned, you can contact them and they’ll unban it — they will understand that you were banned by mistake. Mine did not get banned, however.

But in order for that to work, you need to create the domain. I meant that if the domain has not been created (like “‘ domain.tld)

You can use a PHP or .htaccess redirect instead.

I use Google Domains. They have an option to create a catch-all invalid subdomain redirect.

For example, will go to my homepage.

They also are not the best.

—DOMAIN NAME— gives an ad page, and I don’t think that exists.

It does exist though. InfinityFree made it exist via their own catch-all system, for the lack of a better term.

Trying to make some money off of a free service. It shows programmatic ads, we don’t hand pick what gets shown there.

If you use your own nameservers, you can remove the Bodis CNAME record. If not, you’re stuck with it.

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