is already assigned and in use.2 issue

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL :

Error Message: is already assigned and in use.2

Other Information:

The domain name got deleted in cpanel don’t know how so i tried to add it back from Addon Domain but got the error: is already assigned and in use.2”.

So, I have deactivated the account too. but when i try to create new account with the domain name i get the error:

“The selected custom domain is already in use on Please remove the custom domain from your account at before you can host it on InfinityFree.”

Please @Admin look into this and help!

If im not mistaken, the domain was already hosted on profreehost and you want to use it on infinityfree.

As a workaround, delete the domain on the profreehost cpanel before deactivating it.


No its was and only hosted on infinity free and not anywhere else and it has already removed from cpanel of infinity free, now i have deactivated the account to create new account but it is not allowing me to do so… @Admin @DigibytechsOrg

It may take a while to refresh or whatever, And if not, someone who previously owned the domain may of used it?, in that case, contact prohost (The owner of the subdomain as digi pointed out), and ask them if you can verify that you now own the domain

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@HaydenANG this domain only belongs to me and no one else have used it previously anywhere for hosting it was only and only hosted on infinity free by myself, so there is no one else to contact with and i more website hosted on infinityfree and its working fine, i am facing issue only for my this website @Admin please check and reply?

Admin, will come soon, So be patient, also if it is hosted on another platform, then Admin still has no power, open a support tiket at and ask them.


I checked the domain. @DigibytechsOrg and @HaydenANG are correct, the domain is currently in use on / ProFreeHost. You have to remove the domain from there before you can add it here.