My account and all my sites delete

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Not account, not files

Other Information

How I can send message to support?

I assume you mean you got suspended, but Im not sure. Please provide some more information, for example, domain name.

If you got temporarily suspended, wait 24 hours for reactivation.

If it got suspended for abuse, you can create a support ticket in the client area.

Also please note that if you didn’t get suspended and want a backup, you have to do it manually (unless you pay.)

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Сlient area delete, files delete, domain I send only support (private), but I not can send message support because error 404, my mail have message Your InfinityFree account epiz_28479599 (Website for) has been suspended.
But why?

It tells you in the email why you were suspended. If you were able to create a support ticket, that means you got permanently suspended, but I can’t say for sure unless you tell me why you got suspended.

I just wrote an article yesterday to answer this frequently asked question:

TL;DR: Please check your client area for the account. If the account is still suspended, it will say so. If the account is gone, it’s gone, and it cannot be recovered.

Your account was suspended over a month ago. We do keep suspended accounts for some time, but if the account is not reactivated, it will be deleted.


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