My account suspended

My website is
When i entering my site, i see this url my account suspended but i checked on my dashboard panel it looks active. Please help.

Maybe someone pointed your domain to, but forgot to add your domain to their iFastNet cPanel? I don’t know. Your website is not suspended, but someone has pointed your subdomain to the wrong server. You can restart making your website by creating another account, there is no solution available other than this.

This was a disappointment for me. I haven’t backed up my files. My account suspended once. When it unsuspended again, it became this. Also, the file manager does not have compression. I’m not happy about that. Because I can’t back my files. Can you suspend me and unsuspend again. I think it will work.

Did you upgrade to iFastNet at some point? If so, please contact them to fix this, because only they can detach your subdomain from their premium servers and point it back to the free servers.

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