My site is experiencing an ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT


Browser return:
Can’t access this site took too long to respond.
Try: Check the connection

My problem:
I noticed that a while ago I was having this same error due to server maintenance and I don’t know if my site is undergoing a maintenance process or if the error is due to a problem on the site itself.
Note: The error occurs on any page of the website, in cPanel, even when I try to access the files.


Can you try using VPN?


I can try using VPN, I will try.

There is an important piece of information that I haven’t added yet:
The website, cPanel and files open very rarely. After ten or fifteen F5 it opens normally. And I realized that the error is not at the site layer itself, after htdocs, but before that.

The error is gone. The website, cPanel, File Manager, everything is opening. My sister also created a website and today she had the same error. It was apparently temporary. I did not discover the cause of the problem, nor the solution, but wait. If you are also experiencing this, my website returned in approximately an hour.

Obrigado, in portuguese :man_technologist:

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