My site was reported as dangerous after an incorrect deactivation. has been reported as dangerous in recent days after an incorrect deactivation. In addition to this, I also managed the website. As I needed a heavy site and couldn’t host it here, I decided to move the domain to another service. In order not to have occupied a hosting unnecessarily, I requested its deactivation. Attention! I did not request the deactivation of both sites that I managed, but only!
My request was not properly listened to and the other site was also suspended. Thanks to your advertisements, my site has been declared Dangerous by Google (YouTube), Microsoft, Cloudflare and many other services. This thing has disappointed me highly and I ask you if possible that my ticket is taken into consideration. I have not received any response for 2 days.
At the moment I had to detach all my domains from your site to avoid other serious consequences thanks to your advertisements. I know it’s free and I must be grateful for what I have already. But this is still unacceptable.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

I’m pretty sure it’s not about some advertisements
by the way which advertisements are you talking about? Bodis ?

but we will certainly wait for the admin’s response


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be sure to make a request here Report Incorrect Phishing Warning

This advertisement:

And I repeat that I have nothing on my site that asks for data from anyone. Nor of redirects. All links on the site are from well-known services such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc…

Clear… but most of it is done by AI
and who knows what it saw suspiciously or someone reported you

Sometimes the domain name itself can be too similar to a well-known one and then act as a phishing

OK I wish you good night since in both our countries it is almost 2 in the morning :slight_smile:

and then during the day expect an answer from the admin.

This might mean your website was just suspended for reaching a limit… Is there a notice of any sort on the client area?

No. I only requested the deactivation of the hosting dedicated to, but the request was taken badly and both the hosting I had on my account were suspended.

Both websites seem to be working now.

If the site was suspended, it is back now. You can check the “Deactivation” tab in the client area to learn more.

Looking at our data, it seems that the account was flagged as dangerous and suspended because of that. I can’t quite see what exactly was dangerous about it, but it seems more likely to me that whatever caused the suspension on our end also caused your site to be listed by virus scanners and Cloudflare.

When we find such dangerous sites, we take down all sites of the same person as a precaution. If these sites are safe, please submit a ticket from the client area for that other domain.

The only advertisement our platform is serving is a premium hosting ad. That ad itself is completely clean and safe. Some virus scanners relate that page to fraudulent sites that were suspended, but Google and Cloudflare are known to be more targeted.

We also have a domain parking service for unused domains which sometimes has ads of questionable quality, but we never put those on your domain.

So it seems quite clear to me that your site was reported as dangerous and was suspended as a consequence, instead of the suspension being the cause of your site being flagged.

And just to be clear: I don’t accuse you as a person of anything. It’s entirely possible your website got hacked and abused that way, or that someone else with (authorized) access abused their powers. But it’s quite clear from what I see that your site contained harmful content.

If you deactivate one account, only that account is deactivated. Even most abuse reports only affect a single accounts. Only when we find severe abuse are multiple accounts suspended.

How exactly did you submit this request? Did you try to deactivate the account from the client area? If so, the timing was coincidental, deactivating the account was not the trigger for the suspension.


Then most likely it all started from YouTube. I had created a simple HTML page with a free MP3 download (owned by me) and could it possibly be taken as a “malicious file”? I don’t know if you admin can check what’s still on the server and look at what’s in it with your own eyes. All other pages contain at most redirects to streaming services (on which I am an artist) and 2 embeds of Spotify and SoundCloud. Nothing else.

All I can see is the category of the suspension, not the actual details. You’ll need to submit a ticket from the client area to learn more.

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I already made the ticket a few days ago, but no one is answering me.

You can bump it after a few days.

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