My website dont work

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Domain is registered.

Other Information

I dont know why is this doesnt, work, please help me.

I only reseted Nameserver

“Don’t work” is super vage. What is not working? What error are you getting? What have you tryed? In any case, its working for me, so try clearing your cache.


Hello sir,

I’m on Firefox, and my friends it bugging.

Problems are:

-on 1 browser (Firefox) saying it to me this: Domain is registred

-on secondary browser (Chrome) saying to me this: This site cannot provide a secure connection. Web returned an invalid response.

  • and im only working on mobile.

*my friends said, that too bugging

Please screenshot that error, it dosent make sence.

That makes sence because you don’t have an SSL certificate. Google Chrome is a bit picky about those, and you can get one for free is you wish.

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So, here are screenshots

and chrome working right now good, so im gonna do The Certification.

Help me with Firefox, that is my main browser, and i need it for my job.

Try clearing your cache as I suggested eairler.

Ya, i did it. And didnt worked.

So, i have certification and SSL done, so, how to fix my browser?

I saw this on SSLShopper, so, how can i fix it please? Help me.

What SSL provider did you use?

As for the browser, the cause may be your ISP, or an incorrect clearing of the cache. Since it works on your other browser, just use that one.

The Infinityfree

InfinityFree is not an SSL provider. When you got your certificate, did you choose GoGetSSL, Let’sEncript, or Self-Signed?

Ughh, Let’s Encrypt I guess

go to and let me know what you used.

Let’s Encrypt

You should no longer be seeing an SSL error than. If you still are, try clearing your cache. As for your other browser, try clearing both cache and cookies, and try restarting your PC.

And, I have other problem. My websites are “broken” please go check it and help me, all buttons on website redirecting to 404 error infinity free

404 means not found. Make sure all the files are uploaded, and correctly named. Do you have any .htaccess rules?

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Can you please send a screenshot of your /htdocs folder?

Since you are using WordPress, make sure all of those pages actually exist. Also, make sure your website is setup to use HTTPS properly. You may need the Really Simple SSL plugin. Check it out and let me know.

Don’t let it generate certificate, but allow it to connect to the one you have. The more important thing is to see if the pages actually exist. Also, using a Desktop is better, as some things may be hidden on mobile. Check it out on a larger screen than get back to me or the forum.

Don’t know how to change what? Please be specific.