My website is missing

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Hi, when i try to open my website, it open a domain page with some colors. The site was working a andgot down without my interference.

Wait up to 72 hrs for dns propagation?


Hi, thanks for the answer, it’s the sub domain that isn’t working,but a it was a few hours ago. I have another domain but this one doesn’t have propagated yet.

It’s working fine, now.

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@wlackless My man, you still have a couple of ‘Lorem ipsum’ paragraphs in the beginning of your site.

Here it’s still the same, including the other domain that now shows the same great-site page. But thanks for the answer.

Yeah, I was still finishing it before it starts to don’t work. But thanks for the advice.

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That’s the cache in your browser.
Try accessing your sites in a anonymous/incognito browser tab or a different browser.

I’ve done it. Including changing the wifi connection and shows the same.

There is another user with a similar problem:

I don’t know if it is related but the best thing to do is probably wait for the admin to see what’s happening.


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