My website is no longer opening

Eu adoraria saber por que meu site do link: não está mais abrindo

Mensagem de erro: Não foi possível acessar este site demorou muito para responder.

Meu site já está hospedado no infinityfree e não sei porque tá dando esse erro ele tá assim desde a ontem a noite ou desde a noite passada

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Welcome to the form @FelipenorWooz! In the future, can you please type in English?

Can you please provide the IP address found in the client area?

I would love to know why my site from the link: is no longer opening

Error Message: Unable to reach this site took too long to respond.

My site is already hosted on infinityfree and I don’t know why this error is happening, it’s been like this since last night or since last night

IP Address

The server with that IP address seems to be down.
There are more users on that IP complaining about the same issue.


Your site is working now @FelipenorWooz

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