My website is not showing images and my .rar and vidoe .m4v extnesion file is getting deleted

Username epiz_28588110


Hi support team, I need the instant reply please i uploaded my wesite through the filemanager it is published but in my wesite with images are not showing why its not showing and then when I upload the video to file mamanger through ftp its suudenly gone its get deleted with in a second why its being deleted? video in extension .m4v ,and then zip files are also deleting suddenly i tried many times i want to publish my website as soon , so please solve this problem

Other Information

what are format are supportted by your server

What directory are you uploading your files to? All site files need to be uploaded to the .htdocs folder, or else it won’t work/gets deleted by the system.

Take note…

The InfinityFree web servers have size limits for all files. If the file size exceeds the limit, the file is automatically deleted.

The size limits are:

  • HTML and PHP files are limited 1 MB.
  • .htaccess files are limited to 10 kB.
  • All other files are limited to 10 MB.

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