My website is not working why it more than three days already .

My website URL is:
!-- Please post the full website URL (or just the domain name, if it doesn’t affect a web page) on which you get this issue. --> I’m seeing is:*

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I’m using this software:

FTP client.
Additional information:

With a FTP client, upload your website files in the htdocs. Make sure the index file is called index.html or index.php. If not rename it to one of those two names.

Your website is indeed not working, but your hosting account is working fine.

Your website isn’t working because you uploaded the files to the htdocs/sarrbuzz/ folder. So the pages you uploaded can now be reached on

To remove the sarrbuzz part from the URL, simply upload your website files directly to the htdocs folder, and not to a subdirectory.

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now when I am doing it’s coming but when I am doing it is not coming. Can you please help me on this.

Reload the page by pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time on the URL without index.html.

thank you its working now . If you dont mind can you tell me the reason that it was happening?

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The reason it was happening for you was because of the browser caching.

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