Ongoing issues with website access and FTP

Mine is down again with socket errors, it was up for a bit but it fizzled again about 15 minutes ago.

I appreciate that it is a free service, however I’d rather sign up to something that actually works!

hope it doesn’t happen later when it actually gets fixed. :frowning: (i mean when it gets stable)


iFastNet staff is aware of this and is working to fix it. They are trying things and, as you can tell, it’s not working.


Ahh, I apologise, I thought it was a ‘local’ issue.

still having problems with FTP about 3 diffrent error messages takes me ages to update just 1 file been working on the same page for 3 days now :confused: i get im using the free hosting but was looking to upgrade as my website is nearly finished and i need more applications that are in your paid hosting but by the looks of it im looking to move elsewhere due to the poor service

FTP down again…

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My website is down. This only started today. Can you contact me? I don’t want to post my domain here asI don’t want this post to be indexed when people search for my website in google.

FTP seems to be up now

iFastNet has said that during the next 14 days, they will be upgrading MySQL and web servers to improve the performance. This may cause downtime now and then, but will make your experience better once it is done.

The FTP servers are still not working correctly. iFastNet is working to fix these issues. However, with the Corona social restrictions, getting people into the datacenter to fix things is harder right now, which doesn’t help.

The situation is that the FTP service is unreachable quite frequently. It’s not down all the time, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That the way this issue manifests itself. I’m not going to update this topic every time the FTP services goes down or comes back up, because that’s going to happen quite a lot in at least the next few days.

I’m also not going to comment on or contact anyone individually about this. It’s a known issue that the FTP service is not working. I don’t see any benefit in spending my time to check a large number of accounts myself to confirm they are affected by an issue which we know affects everyone.

EDIT The website IP address seems to be going down quite frequently, presumably due to another attack.


Why havent you guys put a warning on your main website about DDOS attacks ? are you expecting more people to just sign up and deal with the issues they find you are having?

I know many other hosting providers and seen plenty of them go through much more severe outages than what we’re dealing now, and I’ve never seen anyone put a notice on their website’s home page about this.

This is an issue which affects a small fraction of accounts for a fairly short duration. Our website home page is there to tell people about our service and convince them to sign up. Posting a big warning there saying “for the next hour or two a single digit percentage of the websites we host may experience difficulties in viewing their website” isn’t a good way to use people’s attention span.

And if they do experience these issues, I would rather they sign up so we can keep them informed about the status of the issues, rather than have them leave our site and never be seen again.

This is a shitty situation, sure. But we’re not going to block people from signing up because of this.


Of course. why would you move to a premium hosting plan if this is happening at a free level on websites that are barely getting any traffic? I just started my website a few days ago and already so many problems with a small amount of traffic

What the Admin has told everyone is that 1) the servers are being DDOSED 2) they are trying t o get more hardware to support all the traffic but their supplies are delayed…

basically he said its all because of this COrona Virus pandemic we are facing. Idk, sound to me like they just didnt have the infrastructure to begin with or ddos protection. yet you don’t see a single warning on their website for new clients warning them to hold back for now since they’re supplies are limited and many are having issues or that they’re servers are being DDOSED. very irresponsible. im waiting to see if they fix all this, but so far not willing to stay

Complaining about it, is not going to make it better.

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Where does this come from? When did you catch us saying that you should move to premium hosting to fix this issue?

Yes, it’s true, premium hosting doesn’t have this issue. But it is on us to fix the free hosting infrastructure. The fact that you’re a victim doesn’t mean we’re doing this to punish you for not upgrading. We didn’t want this to happen, but it has. So we’re dealing with it now.

Yes, we didn’t have the infrastructure. That’s why new database hardware has been ordered and is currently being prepared.

But Corona makes it hard to order hardware and makes it hard to get people in the datacenter. Of course, if we just had the infrastructure to begin with, this wouldn’t be a problem. But it’s easy to talk in hindsight. If we had known that the world would be hit by a pandemic around this time, we could have ordered hardware sooner. But we didn’t know that.

We have DDoS mitigation in place. However, every DDoS mitigation system has a limited capacity, and increasing this capacity basically brings an exponential cost.

And we simply don’t have the means to spend ludicrous amounts of money to be able to stop every attack ever done, just to stop a few rare attacks.

“Just use DDoS protection” is a cheap excuse for people who don’t understand how a DDoS attack or DDoS mitigation works.

You already have. The attack on 252 ended around 15:20. Your post is later than that.

The attack lasted shorter than the CDN cache on our main site. Which is also why we don’t put notices on our main site.


Thanks for the lengthy response. You are a wise and well versed individual. Keep doing what you guys are doing. Hopefully no more issues for good!

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Hello Admin, I hope all is well, I was just about to start a thread of my own, but having seen this I will add it here…

I backup the sites every three months or so, and today for the first time ever i am unable to, this is the error message I am getting, it starts off Ok, and then stops after 1,000 or so transfers on my File Zilla…

220-You are user number 1442 of 3900 allowed.
Response: 220-Local time is now 20:03. Server port: 21.
Response: 220-This is a private system - No anonymous login
Response: 220 You will be disconnected after 60 seconds of inactivity.

Baffled me, never had any sort of problem at all…

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