Other mySQL hosters won't work, complain to FastNet, petition?

Irrelevant because it was tested on a now non-existent URL

What I’m seeing is: When I wanted to use another mySQL Database other than the ones hosted from my account, I had gotten an error on the webpage saying that it couldn’t connect, and my site began loading slowly on that page because it couldn’t connect. Is it because FastNet is trying to push us to premium for larger mySQL limit thresholds?

Probably. You are probably setting your expectations too high. Remember, this is a free service you signed up for. How do you think they pay for the servers and the people who maintain it?

I just checked it, and I was able to connect to an external database hosting service (JawsDB) from a free hosting account.

If you are unable to connect to the external database you’re trying to connect to, please verify that the database you’re connecting to allows connections from remote servers, and has whitelisted our server IP addresses for access. Remember, many web hosting providers don’t allow Remote MySQL access by default. Some don’t allow it at all, and some require you to enable it and setup whitelists first.

This seems to be a restriction with your external database host, not with our servers. And this is definitely not some evil scam to force you to upgrade.

That said, the website loading very slowly is to be expected when you’re using a database at an external provider. MySQL (especially when used from PHP) is extremely sensitive to latency. Remember that this latency is added to every query executed from your code. So if you have a latency of a few dozen milliseconds, this can easily stack up to a second or more on the full page load time.

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