Page names not working leading to 404 page

What I’m seeing is:
Earlier today the website was fully working, I then had to change a banner image in the gallery and then the “Gallery.html” page started leading to the infinity free error 404 page. I also updated the “Workshops.html” page and “index.html” and now have the same issue with those pages as well. The pages in question are still there and when I change the name of the pages and try to load them in browser they work fine, for some reason the name “Gallery.html” & “Workshops.html” is not being recognised…? The index.html page also loads fine when first accessing the domain but when navigating on the website to it, the error 404 page comes up again?

I’m using this software:

I am using google chrome to view the site and filezilla to transfer files.

Anyone that can help thank you

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Everything works well with me

You probably have a browser cache problem
Try deleting the cache (CTRL + F5) or use private/Incognito mode
or another browser

also please pay attention that unix based systems are case sensitive
Gallery.html is not same file as gallery.html (404)

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Thank you, I just checked on a different browser and realised this too, I was overcomplicating it and forgot to try that solution! Thank you and thanks for the note about case sensitivity as well, I had already taken this into account but great to check! :slight_smile:

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YW and good luck buddy :slight_smile:

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