Permission for myself as an owner of the directory

My website URL is:

I have taken my own permissioln away from one of the directories in my htdocs. I cannot access it back again.
Then i created another directory and had to rename all my urls in html file to link to this new directory.

I have tried to go Same there. I cant see my own files :slight_smile:

Anybody knows how to get my permission back?

What do you mean by “taken your own permission away”?
You mean you have removed all permission of your directory using CHMOD on your FTP client? Then, just use CHMOD again to fill its permission.
You can use File Manager menu on your hosting panel if it still can’t be viewed on FTP client.


That’s logical because you’re unfortunately locked yourself
If you removed your own permissions to make changes to files (i.e. permissions lower than 600), then you cannot make changes to those files again, including changing their permissions. Unfortunately, there are no safeguards at this time to prevent you from locking yourself out, and no way to reset file permissions if you do.

Please try to recreate your website on a different account (create new acc)

we do not think of a new registration (do not be confused)
just go to the client area
and at the top you will have a button


I have done it. But the new user has new files and it doesnt have access to the 1st users directories.

Here is what i have done:
I have created a new folder, used ‘copy’ php command to copy everything from that folder to this new folder. Than i have renamed this folder that i dont have access. and then renamed new folder as the same as the name of the old one.
Now i will forget about my previous folder and i will pretend that its not there. Because i cannot delete it even :slight_smile:

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