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My account was suspended today for exceeding the cpu limit, but that is not my problem; my concern is that the that now displays in place of my domain name, or one of the ad pop ups that it creates, attempted to send me phishing malware, which my AVG anti virus blocked. Please don’t tell me AVG did this by accident.

This is highly hazardous since it has the potential to infect everyone who visits infinityfree as well as the sites that it hosts.

here is a link to screenshot of the malware detection

What is URL Phishing? … They send phishing emails to direct their victims to enter sensitive information on a fake website that looks like a legitimate website . URL phishing is also known as: fake websites and phishing websites.


Can you copy/paste from your AV log
the time part (plus time zone) and the part that states exactly what your AV found
(you mentioned the virus in the title)

I don’t know if these instructions are outdated

it is probably False positive because I often visit that site and my security software never reacted
( ZoneAlarm extreme security suite - Kaspersky AV engine inside)

And as far as I know there are only House Ads (imgs) running there and not some third party



hi there i tried to find log files but not succeed, the link you’ve provide also didn’t help as its an old post.
i summited the infected URL to AVG lab for the to investigate more on it

I think what may be happening here is that a website that was hosted on InfinityFree was a phishing website, and it got suspended, so it began redirecting to the suspended-domain page.Your anti-virus software may have marked that phising website as one to block before, and now that it is redirecting to suspended-domain, your software thinks they are related, and is warning you about suspended-domain. The suspended-domain page is safe (As far as I know), it just looks pretty sketchy.


True, but how come it was the ad and not the website itself?

Unless, it was the website.

@KingMaz was it a popup or the website itself (

it was as you can see in the screen shot

Maybe because there is no SSL on that domain by default?

False positive

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