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I’ve been on a mission to get SSL on my site. I have a old CSR and Private Key on my account, but I’ve switched to Cloudflare’s SSL. I’ve got Cloudflare’s SSL almost working, it’s just that I get a 526 error on my website saying that the SSL certificate on Infinityfree’s end is invalid. How can I remove the Infinityfree certificate? I’ve tried clicking the remove certificate button, but I didn’t use it originally with the certificate - I used the private key and csr.

My website is:

The “Error 526: Invalid SSL certificate” error means that the backend server (i.e. your hosting account) is serving an invalid hosting account. You are right to assume that the certificate we installed is causing the problem, but in order to make this work you cannot remove the certificate, only replace it.

You see this error because the default certificate we install is not a valid certificate. But you cannot remove this certificate and even if you could, there is no way to use SSL without any SSL certificate (valid or invalid), so removing all SSL would break your website even more.

There are two ways to fix this issue:

  • You can get a valid SSL certificate from another supplier and install it on your hosting account.
  • You can change the SSL Mode in Cloudflare from “Full (strict)” to “Full”.

Option 2 is recommended, because it’s easy and free.

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

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