RoundCubeEmail is down

I am trying to check my site’s webmail, but the site seems to be offline?

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Even to me it doesn’t work. Maybe there is a DDoS attach to their IP for the webmail, and there’s nothing to do but wait until the webmail is back again.

Who the frick DDoS’s a webmail service?
Did someone not receive their Pornhub Weekly email?

We don’t know, but maybe a hater of iFastNet services is DDoSing the webmail access IP.

Same here. it’s been like an 1h since i tried logging in

Still not working for me. And u?


I have the same problem here, tried to use it on private window still not working

is the service still down?

I wonder how long have to wait for Roundcube back online.

There is an issue with the webmail’s IP: maybe someone is DDoSing it or iFastNet is trying to add features in it. There is no way to solve the issue but to send a ticket to iFastNet via their ticket system.

How do I send a ticket to iFastNet?
Is there a link?
I need to read important email and this is urgent.

mine is!

What strange DNS service are you using to access the Webmail? On some sides it’s not working.