Site and control panel not accessible anymore & nameserver issue & .js blocked in Brave browser

Hello everyone,

I have a few issues, the first one being, that I can’t access my website:

what I’m seeing is, that the IP cant be found (tried it in different browsers).
Note that it was working yesterday.

(Probably unrelated to this issue is, that I made some changes in my main js file and tried to upload it via FTP (FileZilla) but while the server was connected I couldn’t change anything(nothing happened after dragging the file).
But after restarting Filezilla I was able to upload.
And using the old js file again did not fix the issue)

Possibly related to this issue is, that I somehow can’t access the control panel anymore: " ’s server IP address could not be found."

Different issue:
I just noticed the SLL feature and created a certificate for this domain.
Then I was asked to add 2 cname entries. Since this is not my first time doing that, I went to GoDaddy to add them but was surprised to be told that I cant change DNS records since the nameserver is not from GoDaddy.
Now I’m wondering if the nameserver has to be nts1/2epiz… or if I can change that and basically what you would do in my shoes.

And another completely unrelated issue:
While the site was still working, I had to use Chrome to access it, as my standard browser Brave couldn’t load the js file. I can’t recall the specific error message, but it was due to a security protocol from Infinity.

Access problem - Confirmed: I’m also getting the message " This site can’t be reached. ’s server IP address could not be found."

There’s not much we can do about that - this is a matter that’s up to BYET/…

i think maybe because your name server is and is down

yea I figured that out by checking some of the other recent posts. Now is working again.

I would still like some input on the other issues though.

And another thing I can’t wrap my head around:
as mentioned I updated the .js file via FTP. But the old one is still used, even though it’s supposedly replaced.

Have you tried to clear your cache after that? Which js file doyou mean?


I ask myself too often how I am not thinking of clearing the cache (or deactivating adbocker) while troubleshooting.
So that fixed this particular issue.

And it’s main.js to answer your question.

Your domain name is unavailable right now because the domain name is down, and your domain name uses for the nameservers.

You can learn more about this and get a workaround here:

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Thank you. Do you have a suggestion on how I could add DNS records to this domain (and yes I changed to byet)?

Full DNS management is not available with free hosting, only with premium hosting. After adding the domain name to your account, you can move it to third party nameservers and manage your DNS records from there. But note that this is not officially supported and you’re responsible for maintaining correct DNS records.

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Alright, now I’ve used a service called Cloudflare for the nameservers.

And I have a different problem, that might be related.
This morning I was debugging my app, then after one FTP upload, my browsers showed a slightly older version of my main.js instead of the updated one.
The new file is actually on the server, but the browsers load the old one, even after empty cache and restart.

In my search for a solution, I was told Cloudflare can save the cache, so I’m considering that as the root of my problem.

Anyway, I thought you could chip in with a suggestion on why I’m stuck with that old file.

Actually that’s due the CF caching. To fix this issue, you’ve to clear it:


That is true.
It becomes tedious having to reset the cache in both the browser to observe the effect of code changes.
I’ll have (re)learn how to set up localhost and make it work with the Google API key.

You can disable caching in Cloudflare, but by then you might as well disable Cloudflare proxying on your domain entirely, because the performance benefits of Cloudflare are mostly the result of caching things on their CDN.

And you can bypass browser cache by opening the developer tools in your browser and ticking the Disable Cache button in the Network tab, or by using Private Browsing mode.


Thanks, that’s good to know.

And I was able to make localhost work with the Google OAuth after all.

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