Sitemap impossible to be read by google console

since I started using this host I had only problems. Leaving aside the fact that my domain is often unreachable, or rather, sometimes it can only be reached by some browsers / devices. THE REAL PROBLEM IS MY SITEMAP (
Which means that google can’t reach the sitemap. Also if it works
Here the problem:

So i can’t index my domain… Please help me

I see you’re using a few plugins for sitemaps

What happens if you give a link for Yoast sitemap to GSC ?

hello, thank you
i’ve already tryed with yoast seo but i didn’t work. same problem:

What happens when you choose this ?


(it would help if the GSC were in English - instead of me having to guess what it says)

so sorry, it means “open sitemap”
Next time i will traduce in english

Click it and try to fetch as Google
I want to know if is going to 404 again or something new

it opens the website:

but nothing change, always error 404

so, what could i do? because my website is unusefull if i can’t index it

sitemaps are not so important if the google bot is not blocked (robots.txt)
because google is more trusting in the bot than in the sitemaps that people submitted.
It’s important that Google knows about your domain and you added it to the GSC.
Very soon the bot will come and dig through.

And your robots.txt is OK

Try to have only one plugin for SEO
Try again in a few days (GSC also has its problems)

i’ve tried to test some of my url, but all the times google console says that my url have problems and can’t be indexed, because they can’t reacg it… So i will wait 48h and see…

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Sometimes help if you delete the given URL (sitemap) from GSC and add it again

Also GSC knows to cache errors for some time

unfortunately I have already tried it several times

The new version of GSC is very silly
I had this problem and sometimes it is known to return again from time to time :smile:
(for normal sitemap file not generated in fly)

so my site couldn’t be indexed until search console works?

Sorry, but, to be sure: does my website files works? because some times on some browsers my website appears error 404 page of ifast net
check it please:

When you add your domain to the GSC - It’s enough that Google knows about it
Sitemaps is not so essential for the operation of the G-bot

Your website works

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