Slow loading website

Hi. Is there any reason why my website seems so slow to load up?

Its super basic with low res images but every time i enter the URL for the first time it takes 15/20 seconds to get any webpage load up at all.

Some stats here from my dashboard:

|Disk Space Used|204 MB|

|Inodes Used| 21 % (6219 of 30019)|

|Bandwidth used:|197 MB|

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Hello there,

Your site when visited for the first time only takes around 3-5 seconds to fully load and takes around 2-4 seconds when revisited again on my end.

It depends on what you meant by basic, a basic site is something that would just use a static html with css and javascript for basic functions in my opinion.

There are actually many possibilities why your site is slow including but not limited to:

  1. You have a slow internet
  2. Your browser is slow
  3. Your site is poorly optimized
  4. Your device is slow