Sub sub domain

Is there any way in vistapanel that I can make a sub-sub domain? For eg-
I make an address and how do I possibly make

Unfortunately This free hosting vista panel does not support sub-sub domains.


@anon19508339, Can I add using cloudflare and does infinityfree support sub email accounts. For eg- of website, can I make email account? (Just asking)

No, you can’t use email accounts with subdomains.


Till I remember, I made a sub email account with domain…

I mean. I haven’t tried it myself but even if that be possibe That’d be counted as an abuse point if you add a sub-sub domain via it because probably there’re some reasons why sub-sub domain aren’t supported.

I’ve seen some sub-sub domains by this domain. Not sure how that’s possible. Is sub email supposed to be


Yes, this is a bug of how accounts with subdomains are created. This is not how it’s supposed to work.

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