Suspend CPU Limit

Sir, My Account got temporary suspended was showing 24hr reactivation time.but now clock count start from beginning again please visit my account activate it and tell me where is the issue and why daily cpu usage limit exceed please…i am waiting for your reply i hope it will be on my favor.

Check the cpanel and click accounts metrics. It will then show a graph about CPU usage, hits, etc. And check your PHP code.
Also, InfinityFree can only pinpoint to account level, not code level. So you’ll have to look through the code.


I checked your account, and I see it was only suspended once on the 9th of February, around 20 hours ago from the time of writing. So your account should be reactivated after 4 hours, when the 24 hour period is over.

For more information about this limit, please see this article:

Note that we have no way to track which domain, website software, script, code, request or visitor caused the high usage. We can only track CPU usage at the account level, and can’t see what within the account generates this usage.


My database is DOWN, where is the problem ? the cpu limit have kill the DB ? please help me to keep my data.
thanks in advance.

How is that down? Does that deny the access to the database?

What is the problem actually? What do you see when you try to connect to the database?

The CPU limit is primarily based on PHP code, and your website is disabled if you hit the limit. That should not cause the database to be unreachable, or lose any data.


So, if someone stay login always in there wordpress admin, you are quickly to get a booted suspension on your account?

I’m sorry, but why do you figure that?

If you happen to have some plugin in WordPress which continuously hammers your site in the background, then yes, keeping the site open will cause you to hit the CPU usage. But then the culprit is not you keeping the website open, but a plugin wasting your account’s resources.


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