Suspended, need the files


I have made a subdomain on that page, there i have uploaded files that ive worked on for 2 weeks and i no longer have those files. As my account has been suspended for 24h and i really need to work on them, could you please let me access the account for just 5 minutes so i can download the files and work on them on my computer while my account is suspended? I really need those files, it’s really important. Please…


You can’t do appeals on reactivating your account earlier than 24 hours. You must wait 24 hours, then you can access the FTP and work with your files.

But i need them today, i cant wait. You dont understand how important this is to me! :frowning:


I don’t have anything to add to what @Ergastolator1 said. If you exceed the daily usage limits, your account will be suspended for 24 hours. Those are the rules. I didn’t make them and I can’t change them.

Your only options at this point are to wait for the 24 hours for the reactivation, or purchase a premium account (iFastNet can import your website from your free hosting account, even if it’s suspended).

Also, I hope this explains to you why it’s always a good idea to keep backups of your website yourself, and don’t rely on any single third party keep your files safe and available.

Please sir i need these files alot for school tomorrow :confused: please… i just need the files :frowning:


I case it wasn’t clear from my previous post: I cannot reactivate your account. You have to wait or your have to upgrade. I cannot make exceptions to the rules.

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