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Hello, I have two websites. suspended. I opened a ticket, then my sites were active. My sites are suspended again while uploading files from ftp. Although I have opened a ticket for several days now, my sites are still not active. The tickets I opened are pending. when will it be fixed. I didn’t do anything malicious.

Have you aware of reason for suspension?

Actually, I really don’t know. The person who replied to the ticket said there is an error in the file I uploaded. He said it could be a virus. but this website was working before I migrated Hosting. I got the backup. I moved hosting, I was blocked while uploading files. I don’t think it’s a virus. If there really is a virus, I think they can delete the files in my account and ask for a clean install. But they don’t respond to tickets either. they only replied once.

So he already intimated you.
Then why you uploaded same file again?
See virus means not exact virus the file which contains a part of codes of virus against TOS also consider like virus!

Where do you get that from? Nobody was intimidated.

Viruses are not always surface level, I recommend you run a fresh install of the file.

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User already raised a ticket.
The person who replied for that ticket was mentioned file has virus.
This is what I understand from user reply!


Well, posting on the community forum will not help at all. Permanent suspensions are handled by iFastNet and we don’t have access to the tickets.


I haven’t seen the specific file that got flagged, but support says it was hacked or contains malware, and I see no reason to believe otherwise. The code got flagged as you uploaded it (we scan uploaded files for malware and other harmful content) which triggered the suspension.

Note that files can be infected with malware without you being aware of it, and without being immediately visible or breaking the regular functionality. Automated scans can identify things you overlooked. That’s why virus scanners in general are a thing, after all.


I’m sure now, the purpose of this ban is because they provide free service. Because I deleted the site and installed another script for trial purposes and I was blocked again. so no viruses or bugs. It’s just because it’s free.

Please believe me when I say that we actually provide a free service. We’re not in the business of dangling a free service it in front of your face and then immediately take it away when you try to take a bite.

It being free is related. Unfortunately, free services are abused a lot, so we need automated checks to help prevent that, and in general take strong action if something suspicious comes up.

Which site is that? You’re throwing accusations around, but I have no way to defend my company without a concrete example I can share our view on.


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