The digital certificate does not match the private key

Username: epiz_30398485


Error Message: The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.

I requested a digital certificate for my website and after changing the CNAME I got both the private key and certificate correctly (I got the certificate and the key from “Free SSL Certificates” section from infinityfree). From the control panel, I tried to enter the private key and the certificate, but I get this error! The private key I uploaded is the same (copied and pasted) that I received on infinity free. Can you please help me?

Which SSL provider are you using? Did you make sure you pressed “Upload Key”?

The provider is ZeroSSL
Yes, before loading the certificate I tried several times to load the key

Did you try using a different browser?

ZeroSSL provider had issues with Private Keys and corresponding certificates. You can delete the SSL domain and choose another provider, such as GoGetSSL. You may want to choose “Self Signed” and use CloudFlare SSL set to “Full”. Here’s how to set up CloudFlare:


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