Unable to access my control panel

Hello admin, please since four days now, I am unable to access my control panel. Please what can be done so I access it. Because I really need to change my tables in database. Please help me out. Thanks.

access in the control panel or the client area?

can you tell us exactly what the browser said ?

it is possible that your browser warned you about the unsafe page
because the control panel got a new SSL cert. and your browser still keeps the old one in cache

if that is a problem:

Chrome: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously
Check all the options and click on Clear Data
Restart Chrome

more: Click Settings and then Show advanced settings.
Under Network, click Change proxy settings - the Internet Properties dialog box appears.
Click the Content tab, then Clear SSL state, and click OK.

Firefox: On the History menu, click Clear Recent History.
In the Time range to clear list box, select Everything.
Select the Active Logins check box.
Click Clear Now.

do you have some plugins that interfere with cookies ?
try another browser,clean browser cache, etc.

if your problem is different (like some system error from a server or after you entered your login information; nothing happens) than please give us more details

I will try that and see if it works. Because its been ages since i access my control panel. I can’t access it.
You asked what the browser say?
this is what the browser say : " Your connection is not secure

The owner of cpanel.epizy.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Learn more…

Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites "

Thats the error I see on firefox, since I use firefox to open yr site/

I thought that was the problem

try a couple of times refresh button until your browser enter in clean https control panel