Unable to connect to server and ftp server

My website URL is: khushpal.co

What I’m seeing is: Server not Found error , it says we are having trouble in finding the page!

I’m using this software: Cute FTP for ftp connections

Additional information: All the configurations seem perfect as well as it 72hrs also.

@Admin Please look into this soon! Hoping to hear from you guys soon.

@Khushpal Hello
To check your FTP details go to
https://infinityfree.net click client area
then click on your account it will be something like this
Click on it and you would see FTP details

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Everything is working fyn but my site is not loading up is show unable to find servers.

Both your website and the FTP servers seem to be working fine from here, and all our monitoring is green as well.

Could this be a DNS problem on your end? You could check the instructions for alternative DNS resolvers from the article @Ergastolator1 linked to. If your ISP is doing weird stuff with their DNS resolvers, using a different resolver will help circumvent that.

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Team the site is running proper but its not working or indian internet servers, when i change internet server using VPN it works on it please look. @Admin

Can you please make a traceroute from one of the broken connections? That may help to indicate where the connection gets stuck.

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Where can i share the screenshot of the traceroute with you team, i cant share it publicly in forum.
please let me know.

You can share it with a service called Imgur, and then post the direct link of the image here. You can’t share it on anywhere else but the forum (also publicly), so people can help you with that traceroute.

This is the output for ftp traceroute, after cust.te3-1.cr-4 it fails to request time out.

I can understand you want to hide the internal IP addresses of your network, but can you please not hide the command you ran? I can’t check what you’re connecting to if you hide that information. Remember, the IP address and domain names of both your website and the FTP servers are publicly information.

Also, that traceroute looks very normal. Our servers block ping requests to the “Request timed out” messages are normal. The last hop is wildcard.net.uk, which is the network edge of the datacenter. In some cases, if the ISP blocks access to our servers, you’ll see that the connection never reaches our datacenter.


This is the traceroute i am getting from the ftp but its not loading from anywhere in india from any isp or on any browser.

I’ve also done a traceroute on your website, and there are the results on my side:

traceroute to khushpal.co (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1  modemtim (  2.157 ms  1.213 ms  1.115 ms
 2  * * *
 3 (  17.305 ms (  15.365 ms (  12.137 ms
 4 (  26.663 ms (  12.811 ms (  12.181 ms
 5 (  30.995 ms (  33.011 ms (  29.599 ms
 6  etrunk14.milano1.mil.seabone.net (  35.520 ms
    etrunk13.milano50.mil.seabone.net (  31.074 ms
    etrunk14.milano1.mil.seabone.net (  30.402 ms
 7  ae11.milano58.mil.seabone.net (  30.928 ms
    ae10.milano58.mil.seabone.net (  29.696 ms
    ae11.milano58.mil.seabone.net (  35.328 ms
 8  ae-5.edge1.milan1.level3.net (  28.781 ms  29.379 ms  28.835 ms
 9  ae-3-3.bear1.manchesteruk2.level3.net (  54.973 ms  54.564 ms  54.526 ms
10  * * wildcard-uk.bear1.manchesteruk2.level3.net (  59.365 ms !X
11  * wildcard-uk.bear1.manchesteruk2.level3.net (  57.634 ms !X *
12  wildcard-uk.bear1.manchesteruk2.level3.net (  57.718 ms !X *  57.937 ms !X

What are the traceroute results for your website on your side?

I am getting “Unable to resolve target system name khushpal.co” for my traceroute on then name of website.

Then there may be a problem for your website in India. For me (that I live in Italy) it works fine.

Yes in the rest of the world its working fine and proper but only in india its not working, and i have another website from your hosting but its working fine. what can i do in this case can u please help.

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