Uploaded WordPress 5.3, but need help installing

My website URL is: [redacted]

What I’m seeing is: infinityfree - account is all setup page

I used FileZilla to upload WordPress 5.3 to my htdocs folder because it has not yet been uploaded to the Softaculous autoinstaller. I previous attempted to install the older version and then install the update through the WP dashboard, but my website went down after that.

All the instructions I’ve found online direct me to create a new database, which I did. Now I have two:
epiz_24782215_w468 DB Name

Then they directed me to enter the URL that I uploaded to, which is where I run into the problem. I’ve tried the following URLs:

The only one that leads me to a login screen is the last one.

When I enter sq1306[dot]epzy[dot]com as the host name, it says "Error! FTP connection to sql306[dot]epizy[dot]com:21 failed.

When I enter ftp[dot]epizy[dot]com as the host name, it takes me back to the online file manager.

I hope you can explain where I going wrong and/or what to try next. I’m new at this and want to get going on my first website with the latest software without it going down.

Thanks, GaryKR

thy this method

download wordpress 5.3.

remove the all the existing database and files

use softaculous installer to install 5.2

after that lnstallation done.located the ‘wp-includes’ and ‘wp-admin’ directories via ftp in your htc folder

delete the ‘wp-includes’ and ‘wp-admin’ directories

unzip your wordpress 5.3 locate ‘wp-includes’ and ‘wp-admin’ directories

upload them via ftp in the same directory where u previously deleted that two files

u will get version 5.3

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