Webmail not working


So, have been trying to access webmail to no avail. Not responding.


Nevermind, I’m guessing the server hasn’t been rebuilt yet…


I am using a Free accound for now but from friday I am unable to access my mail it gives the error:
This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

This issue belongs to Server storage issue?


Yeah! Hi Team!

  My Webmail also not working from past 2 days. Can you please rectify this issue ASAP.

Thanks in Advance

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From what I’ve been told, this is caused by other hardware issues. But iFastNet said that new hardware would be installed soon, which should help keep everything running for a little while longer.


Until then, Is there any other option to login to mail. Because, I has important mails to read and reply to them. Can you please guide to login in any other way. Please update me ASAP.

Thanks in Advance

iQxcel Software Technologies


The mails themselves are on the same hardware as the webmail client. If that server is down, then the entire email system is down.


Web Mail Connection to Storage sever problem , am not able to login


The email systems has been quite unreliable for a very long time. This is not surprising.


Personally, I’d be pissed that the email servers haven’t been fixed yet if I was @Admin . But that’s just my two pesos.

I’d like to verify, so the new login is?


I am seeing improvement with the mail servers, but I don’t want to exclaim “it’s fixed” and have it break again hours later. Things are looking good so far though.

Yes, the new webmail URL is

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