Website not coming up when I go to it

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Nothing comes up when I click on site. It says it was installed. It did not give me a error message

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For me it loads, but it does not load any content. Are you sure it have the content uploaded? or done right with php if you use it?

I have never done this before so I don’t know

It says active on control panel

It also said unsecure on the website

I am talking about the webpage, like your index.php (or html). Because I could see a favicon from wordpress and a title for the webpage.

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Although slow, it is working for me. Remember to clear your cache, and that new accounts can take some time to setup properly.

Also, it looks like you deleted your WP homepage…

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It still shows not secure and it is blank. How do I start over to get the wordpress working

You need to setup your website for HTTPS to do that. This is not a WordPress issue.

If you installed WordPress with Softaculous, you can also uninstall WordPress with Softaculous and reinstall it from there.

If you installed it by hand, you can just delete all the files from your htdocs directory, delete the database and start over from there.

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