Website not loading anything after domain renewed



my domain name []is not working after i renewed shows the following error and wont open or load my wp-admin page nor my homepage

You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

my domain provider company is and my hosting is with []
the problem is my website is not loading after i renewed my domain and i contacted Ipage about this and they said this------>

there is no issue from our server end.
Please contact your hosting provider to change the status to active from domain parking.

please respond

For starters, your nameservers are not correct. Please set them to and
Once you set the nameservers, please remove any and all A records.
Because you are using a custom domain, I would suggest CloudFlare. It has built-in SSL and DDoS protection for free.


Hey there!

As @wackyblackie mentioned, your nameservers are not set correctly. Please visit your domain provider and switch your nameservers to and

Current Nameservers: 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS

The forbidden error is shown by your domain provider since your domain is not currently pointed to a hosting provider (Like InfinityFree).

Please let us know if you have any further questions!


thanks for the reply, i didnt get this part of your message
remove any and all A records.

what are A records and how do i remove them ?

If your domain registrar allows, remove the A records from your domain before setting the nameservers.
However, this is not really necessary because setting the nameservers to ones other than your domain registrar provided you is effectively the same as removing A records and adding new ones.

What is an “A Record”?


Can you please screenshot your nameservers settings? I do not think they are set up correctly yet.

Additionally, since you will be pointing the domain to InfinityFree, the A records will be managed in the InfinityFree control panel, and not with your domain provider. However, it may still be a good idea to clear all DNS records (Other than your nameservers) from your domain provider to avoid future problems.



I checked your domain name, but the DNS settings look fine from here.

It does look like your site was hit with a huge wave of traffic when you fixed it, which caused account suspension. You’ll need to discuss this through the ticket in the client area to get this resolved.

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