Website shows 404 not found page after adding domain even after 72 hours

I have added new domain in my control panel but even after waiting for 72 hours, my website is not opening, it is always redirecting to 404 not found page.
Some promotional sort of website of 404tutorial, I’m using cloudflare too.

Please help me.

My Domain is
My website

Can you try to remove and add the domain on the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel? Then copy all the files from the htdocs to

I’ve done it…obviously it will be another 72 hours of wait, I guess shows up for me. This means it is your DNS which is having problems. Try flushing your DNS, clearing cache or changing to a faster DNS Service.

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My website still shows 404 not found even after adding domain in addon domains

Then it should be a caching issue. Try clearing your cookies and cache from the browser’s settings.

I have tried from so many browsers…you can check urself too, it’s not working

There are problems with and as nameservers. Try changing them to,,, and from your domain registrar’s nameservers panel.

I’m using name servers.

A misspelling error was found while typing the nameserver again: it’s not byte, but byet. But now it works, but it shows a white page on my iPhone. Maybe your index file has a HTTP ERROR 500:

No…my website is not even opening with domain

man i can see your website …the link u provided…registration page and login page is the first page and purple color…can u check u can open mine link…

i changed the dns on my pc, flush the dns till now no show.

Your website is working fine. :smiley:

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mine is still not working

Your website: Is working fine.

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But is not working on my end (shows “404 We could not find that page” after a while).

Have you moved your files from your subdomain to your main domain?

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Your website breaks mofh TOS


Or also InfinityFree’s ToS. File hosting scripts are not allowed on free hosting, so remove it immediately.

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I’ll, I’m just trying to get domain working so I could upgrade my account else no point on upgrading.