When I open my website show me a error

diweb.website is my site, when I open in a smartphone for example, the page no found, the page show me “Can’t access this website ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE” why and how can I resolved it?

Please send your website domain/subdomain, your account username and/or your website IP address (can be found in Account Details) so we can further assist you.

Thank you.

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diweb.website is the site.

I can access your website without any issues, both in desktop and smartphone. Try clearing your browser cache and DNS cache. If that doesn’t help, please wait for your ISP or DNS provider to propagate, or use mobile network or another DNS provider.


In the future, please don’t create a new topic when you already have one.

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Ok ok, so, I just waiting, thanks

But this is for another problem, thanks :).

Thanks for marking my reply as solution!

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