White Screen of Death

My website url is https://onlinemovielib.cf:
am having an issue of white screen of death but have tried every solution but its not working
it happened when i tried to update my wp to the latest version.And when i switch on DEBUG in wp_config.php i cant see any broken files.I really need your help please to get my site back

Did the debug mode show any error messages? If so, could you turn debug mode again, or share the error messages you saw?

Maybe the messages didn’t make any sense to you, but maybe we can make sense of them.

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Go and look at your site. I don’t know how to fix this, but your site seems out of date? It looks like the problem is caused by a WordPress update!

Hi i managed to solve it, it didn’t not display any error messages when the WP debug mode was on but when i switched on php display error message it did show me some errors which i managed to solve.Thanks

But also my website is kept suspended of hitting the CPU limits but on one was using it

And our CPU limit article specifically has a section to explain why this can happen:

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