Wordpress - Could not create directory

Username - epiz_28766290

Error Message

Whenever I try to install/update a plugin or theme, it gives the following error -

Update failed: Could not create directory.

It was working fine but suddenly it started to give such an error. I have checked the permission and it’s
fine and showing 755.

I have attached the screenshot of the error & permission -

Not being able to create a directory is rarely a permission issue. The default permissions should be fine for letting WordPress create any file it needs. Typically, it’s only when people start tweaking with permissions it’s that things break.

But in your case, it’s not a permissions issue. Your account has reached the inode limit, as you can see in the control panel.

You can read more about that and get some basic information on how to solve this here:

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How can I fix the inode issue? What if there is no unnecessary files to delete?

Well how many websites are hosted on that account? If more than one you can create a new account (not email but vPanel account).

Upgrade to premium hosting then

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Can we link the sub domain to other cpanel?

I don’t think so. Whatever account the main domain is on has to be the account with the subdomain. If you have multiple domains (domain1.com, domain2.com, etc) you can have each on a different account.

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I have removed the subdomain and deleted website folders, but I couldn’t delete sub-domain named folder from the file manager. And the inodes is also not changed, it’s almost 6 hours.

That folder cannot be deleted for legal reasons. You can, however, filename it to something like “deleted”

Please note that the statistics only update once ever 24 hours. (It think it happens around midnight of UTC-5)

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