my website is makewordspay.com

this is like the umpteenth time I’ve gone to update Wordpress and it takes forever, and ever, then doesn’t complete and finally ends with it corrupting the whole damn website.

This should be like a minute or two at most and not once has it ever been that automatic.

I know this is free and expectations are low but not being able to efficiently update WordPress is super FN basic and if you can’t even do that why even offer this damn service?

Super FN frustrating what should be a dead-simple endeavor.

Hi. Follow these steps to manually update your Wordpress to a new version:


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You shouldn’t have to manually update it.

This is a no brainer for basically every other kind of hosting. AND its a little late but thanks,

I even replaced wp-admin and wp-includes just now with new versions. still not working

Upgrading software is an inherently big and complicated task. File size limits, script time limits and other restrictions can cause problems regardless of the service you are on. Upgrading software from within the software that’s being upgraded is even more flaky.

Of course, we would like upgrades to be quick, easy and reliable too. But we don’t want to drop all the limits on accounts and give people the opportunity to cause other problems by overloading the servers. So a WordPress upgrade may break.

Pro tip: if you installed your website with Softaculous, Softaculous can upgrade WordPress for you too (manually or automatic).


do you guys actually have your own servers?

Just make manual upgrade for wordpress and back up all the database and disable all plugins before upgrading.

Yes, we do have our own servers, but only for the client area, forum and so on. The free hosting infrastructure is all operated by iFastNet (they’ve been doing free hosting for decades and have much more experience and people than we do).


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