Www issue

Hello guys,

I’m using domain I bought from Godaddy. And hosting is infinityfree. I will use the template installed in the hosting. About 24 hours have passed since I’ve connected domain to hosting.

But :

(example domain)

mydomain.com - site is opening, but without my site as if another site opens. Ads have blah blah blah ( related links )
www.mydomain.com - my site opens with the my template I will use

please help me.

What is your real domain, so I can help you?

Next time, can you please fill in the topic template? The topic template has fields for you to fill in to help you share the information which is useful to help solve a problem, like:

  • Your real website URL.
  • Any error messages you see.

Some domain shows “blah blah blah” doesn’t give us a lot to go on.


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