Email problem

When send email using roundcube the email is recieving but not sending as I am looking forward to email marketing the email is going straight to spam folder is there any way to work around as I want the email goes properly to inbox

Here’s the domain name

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tells you what went wrong lately. You may want to generally lower expectations - however - as to the utility of such “tools”. :vietnam:

There are many reasons why a mail could be marked as spam.

Can you send an email to and share the results here so we can have a look at the results?

Kindly help me it’s giving error for SPF AND DKIM missing
i need urgent for email marketing ?

Need Help urgent ???

That means you need to add SPF and DKIM records for your Domain.

but I think it should be added against your mailing service which is on infinity free website kindly help me my domain is on GoDaddy and the Roundcube here not sending the email to spam.

I had to send email urgent to someone

If you don’t use Infinityfree‘s Mail Service, we can‘t help you and you will need to get help from GoDaddys Mail Service.

I am using infinty free’s mail service

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I’m using infinity free email service plz help me

What’s your Issue again?

I don‘t think I can help you here.

Sorry plz help me when i send email it goes to spam box

Missing records. As said before.

What kind of data do you need i will be very thankful i am using webmail

What records plz help me

plz help i am big trouble right now