What is happening to IF?

Hello, I can’t understand what’s going on with InfinityFree, in the support ticket they tell me to find another provider, allegedly explaining that I have hacked content.
Also, on the old account they generally said that they could not activate

You were found to have uploaded hacking content to our servers. We can’t allow hackers to use our services to hurt us or other people.

So if it says your account cannot be reactivated, it cannot be reactivated.


What content did you upload?

I have only forum, vBulletin version 5.6.3 and nothing more
@Admin, your anti-fraud system are worst i have seen in my life, it triggers on every file:
Obfuscated javascript? Oh no, that’s malware!
PHP library? No comments, malware!
I sure there’s no hacked content, if you don’t believe, you can check literally every file yourself.
Also, your anto-fraud system incorrectly detected and suspended my site, as you said, for no reason.
if you don’t want to activate anyway, then just send me copies of all my files and database.
I think in this case you have no reason not to activate

Really, the system doesn’t know WHAT could be hiding behind that code until it’s run, i can only assume a large factor is a lot of random text/code/numbers. We don’t know, the system detected, and clearly your account was assumed to be hacked.


Okay, but why admin can’t delete files in THIS case?

As you know, admin is the reseller. When (ages ago) when I used mofh, my account got suspended, and as i’m sure you know, I just activated it again. Admin can do this, but it would go against his own ToS and it would be unfair.

Also script contains ROT13 decoder, only used to decode ROT13, it can’t do anything with client or server

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But there’s no hacked content, he can delete files as he did previously

This is the only thing to do ^

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Then, can he give copy of files and database?

If IFastNet said no, it’s a no.


It’s said in support ticket…

I have full rights to request copy of files

Then you need to ask for it from them, and reply to the support ticket.

I’ll move to another hosting, but just give only copy of database and files

I replied

Then wait, they are in uk time and it’s 6 in the morning.

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Did you pay for vBulletin version 5.6.3?
Nulled scripts are not allowed under TOS
Using paid scripts on free hosting???


I’m not surprised if it’s nulled, one of reasons why nulled scripts aren’t allowed is because it contains malware and illegal scripts that are being injected into the source code by nulled providers.